The Cazenovia Garden Club Contributes to its Community in Many Ways

Annual Donations - Makes an annual donation to the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation, Cazenovia Public Library, and the Lorenzo State Historic Site.
​Carpenter's Barn - Provides and maintains plants in the window boxes for summer and winter.
CAVAC - Provides and maintains annual plants in containers.
Caz Cares - Donates pantry items at monthly meetings and additional gifts at Christmas.
Cazenovia Public Library - Plants and maintains gardens in the back of the library, including foundation plantings and Memorial Gardens.  
Cazenovia Village Apartments - Provides Christmas table centerpieces for the senior housing community room.
Gothic Cottage - Provides three hanging baskets and annuals for the planters. 
Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce - The Garden Club is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. 
Holiday Decorations - Provides lighted wreaths on lampposts. throughout the Historic Business District, decorates hayracks and window boxes and coordinates with village to hang garland on storefronts and the Village Fountain.
Lakeland Park - Provides and maintains plantings in gardens within the park.
Lorenzo Historic Site - Provides annual plantings at the entrance and exit.
Post Office - Provides and maintains annual and perennial plantings.
Route 20 Rest Stop - Coordinates clean-up of the NYS parking area at the south end of Cazenovia Lake in the spring.
Scholarship - Provides an annual scholarship to a Cazenovia High School senior to study horticulture.
Tree Planting- Supports the Cazenovia Tree Commission.
Veterans Baseball Field - Plants and maintains a garden at the ball field on Chenango Street.
Village Beautification - Provides and maintains annual plantings in hanging baskets, planters and window boxes throughout the Village.
Village Fountain - Provides and maintains the garden surrounding the historic fountain and pool at the end of Fenner Road.
Village Welcome Signs - Provides and maintains plantings at the welcome signs at the east and west entrances to the Village of Cazenovia on Route 20.


Cazenovia Garden Club